Aninite Tickets

AniNite Ticketing

By purchasing a ticket or ticket voucher the buyer accepts the following terms of sale:
  • For the ticketing a registration with a valid email address is necessary.
  • The order is binding as soon as the buying process has been ended.
  • The only valid payment options are listed in during the ticket sale process.
  • Other payment options are possible after prior consultation. Please contact us for further information.
  • Possible account management fees on bank transfers performed from non EU-countries are to be paid by the buyer.
  • Bank transfers from EU-countries do not require any fees.
  • Any fees that occur as a result due back posting or wrong information on behalf of the buyer are to be passed on the buyer.
  • Your data will be processed exclusively for the purpose of ticket purchase and will not be passed on to third parties.
  • Your data will be deleted without exception after expiry of the statutory retention period.
  • Only ticket vouchers will be send via email when the shipping method "Collection by customer" is chosen.
  • Ticket voucher who requires age verification can only be excanged at the event counter
  • The ticket voucher is only valid for the specified event. Copying or changing the voucher is an element of crime and will be reported as such.
  • The ticket voucher authorizes to attend the convention during the stated period of time. The voucher has to be exchanged at the designated pre-sale ticketing counter at the convention venue.
  • Already paid ticket vouchers can be canceled until 2 week before the event. We will charge a general processing fee of 4€. Already mailed tickets cannot be cancled.
  • Austrian law shall apply. Court of jurisdiction is Vienna.
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